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Meadowcreek High School opens new Athletic Center and The U Store

Meadowcreek High adds new building areas

Meadowcreek High School opens new Athletic Center and The U Store

May 1, 2017

     Meadowcreek High School is thrilled to announce its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to recognize the new Athletic Center and The U Store. This event is the culmination of turning a vision into reality and we are thankful the day has finally arrived to unveil the opening of two building areas in which all stakeholders will be proud to visit. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. The ceremony will start in the Athletic Center and end in The U Store.

     Meadowcreek High School announced the educational partnership between Shuma Sports and the school in August of 2016. The venture has been a collaborative public/private initiative aimed at promoting practical learning experiences as part of the school’s Meadowcreek U program and the Athletic Department. In addition, students and staff will be able to use the latest strength training and fitness equipment in the new Athletic Center.

     Through our student based enterprises, The Meadowcreek U experience, where learning becomes reality, has now expanded throughout the school store. “Our business partners play a key role in the success of our students, and we are grateful for their commitment” said Dr. Tommy Welch, Principal of Meadowcreek High School.



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