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Physical Distancing and Minimizing Exposure

  • Physical distancing (also referred to as social distancing) is a key tool to decrease the spread of COVID-19. The following steps will be implemented in schools to provide physical distancing wherever possible:
  • School leaders will work with their specific building layout to structure the flow of traffic in the hallways during transitions and during morning/afternoon release.
  • Schools will display directional signage to control the flow of foot traffic in buildings.
  • Arrival and dismissal will be closely monitored to ensure students go straight from a vehicle to their classrooms upon arrival and directly to the bus or car when dismissed.
  • Students should not arrive at school before the designated drop-off time for their school. 
  • Schools will provide frequent reminders for students and staff to stay at least 6 feet apart when feasible.
  • Desks and seating areas will be arranged in classrooms to maximize space between students. Students also will face the same direction as much as possible.
  • Recess will continue for elementary students. Schools may modify recess in some ways to reduce mixing of classes and during rainy weather. 
  • Schools may place physical barriers such as Plexiglas sheets for protection at reception desks, cafeteria kiosks, and similar areas.
  • Field trips, meetings, small group gatherings, and performances will be held as virtual events.
  • All meetings with parents, such as Student Support Team, Section 504, and Individualized Education Plan meetings, will be conducted virtually, when possible. Those that must be in-person will be scheduled and planned on an appointment basis.
  • To enter the building, outside visitors to schools (parents, vendors, etc.) will need to make appointments and will be asked to wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth and complete a self-check for symptoms. No appointment is needed for parents coming to check out their children from school. However, parents will need to come into the school to show identification and complete the checkout process.
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