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GCPS students advance to Young Georgia Authors state writing contest

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We believe in our talented student writers! GCPS is sending 13 entries— one for each grade level, K-12—to the state’s Young Georgia Authors (YGA) writing contest this spring. In the district’s YGA competition this fall, grade-level winners were selected from among 264 submitted entries from 68 schools across the county. Previously, the submissions had been selected as winners in local-school contests. With a theme of “Believe in the Promise of Gwinnett,” students wrote about what they believe and why it is important to believe in others. Students also wrote of their dreams, the drive to fulfill their promise, and the important role education plays in students reaching their potential. Student winners attend Benefield ES, Parsons ES, Puckett’s Mill ES, Rosebud ES, Couch MS, Dacula MS, Jones MS, Archer HS, Meadowcreek HS, and GIVE Center West. Each student received a framed certificate and a Barnes & Noble gift card. The GCPS Foundation awarded $250 to four division winners from among the 13 grade-level representatives:

  • K-2 Division: 1st grader Simon Cho from Parsons ES
  • 3-5 Division: 3rd  grader Brianna Nicole Ungur from Puckett's Mill ES
  • 6-8 Division: 8th grader Kayla Park from Jones MS
  • 9-12 Division: 12th grader Hunter Pores of GIVE Center West

Find more about the winning students in this news release, and read excerpts of their work by clicking each name below.



Simon Cho

Simon Cho

Grade 1, K-2 Division Winner
Parsons Elementary School
Brianna Nicole Unger

Brianna Nicole Unger

Grade 3, 3-5 Division Winner
Puckett's Mill Elementary School
Kayla Park

Kayla Park

Grade 8, 6-8 Division Winner
Jones Middle School
Hunter Pores

Hunter Pores

Grade 12, 9-12 Division Winner
GIVE Center West

Anna Ale

Grade 6
Dacula Middle School

Ciera Merie Butler

Grade 7
Couch Middle School

Emily M. Cano

Grade 9
Archer High School

Alexis Eichenberger

Grade 4
Puckett's Mill Elementary School

Emmaline Garrison

Grade 5
Puckett's Mill Elementary School

Nailah Goggins

Rosebud Elementary School

Savannah Hollins

Grade 11
Meadowcreek High School

Christina Nguyen

Grade 10
Meadowcreek High School

Adrian Urquilla

Grade 2
Benefield Elementary School

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Prizes provided by the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund


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